Bigfoot Buries Dead Researcher Says!!

bigfoot faceArizona Bigfoot researcher Mitch Waite says that Bigfoot buries its dead.  In a Q & A session posted recently on his YouTube channel Waite says he and his researchers came across a grave of a Bigfoot.  The grave was empty he said but you could tell by the tracks and other indications that it was a Bigfoot grave.

That puts a whole new slant on Bigfoot.  In my own research I felt pretty certain that it was some form of North America ape or some offshoot of Gigantopithecus.  But apes and giganto don’t/didn’t bury their dead.  We know from the anthropological evidence that Neanderthals did as well as other of our ancestors.  Burying the dead is distinctly human.  So if Bigfoot bury’s its dead then it must be human, at least in part.

Bigfoot exhibits a lot of ape-like behavior including whooping sounds, rock throwing, using sticks as tools to dig, nest making, walking on all fours (at times).  Burial of the dead does not fit in with primate behavior.  So just exactly what is Bigfoot if it is not some giganto offshoot or giganto itself?

See Waite’s videos at:

Waite also says that Bigfoot skins their kills by first removing the head and internal organs and skinning the animal by pulling the skin from the neck down.  Bigfoot does something with the head as all the kills he’s found are headless with heads nowhere to be found.  He suggests that perhaps they bury them in some sort of ritual or something.  He speaks about this phenomena in the following video:

Waite says there may be subspecies in the Bigfoot species with some looking very human and others looking very primitive and ape like.  He has several pics on his website which is:

In a MonsterQuest episode entitled “The Curse of the Monkey Man” the following is noted:

77 BC
Roman historian Phliny the Elder wrote of a monkey like tribe called the Cromande. He described them as a forest tribe that has no speech but a horrible scream, hairy bodies, keen gray eyes, and the teeth of a dog.
British settle Henry Pittington wrote of an unknown forest race of mysterious monkey men while living in India. In 1824 on his plantation in India a group of his laborers stumbled upon two bizarre creatures. The two monkey people, as the locals call them, appeared almost dead from starvation. The laborers captured the creatures and delivered them to Pittington. He studied them and recorded his description of them. The creatures were short with flat noses. Their arms were disproportionately long. Some of the hair on their bodies was reddish and their skin was black. Pittington made arrangements to send the pair to Calcutta for further study but the creatures escaped in the night. They could not be found.

Even today the people of India continue to report encounters with the monkey men.

American Indian tribes also have accounts of such creatures. They consider them a tribe of hairy men.

Regarding the following photo the story goes that in 1894 in the wilds of Western Canada some trappers and mountain men encountered a bigfoot and shot it. They then took a photo of the creature. The photo has some writing on the back. Reportedly it belongs to Lyle Billett. On the back of the photo is says “Year 1894. Yalikom River Around Lilliott B.C. Forestry-Hudsonbay Co.” They took the photo and the guy who was in the photo with the creature went and stole them back from the forestry records (hudsonbay co.). His last name was Holiday. He didn’t take all the photos (they apparently took more than one) but only one.

Alleged Bigfoot shot in British Columbia in 1894.

Alleged Bigfoot shot in British Columbia in 1894.

BigfootDead2 There is another photo from the 1940s taken in the Pacific Northwest. It’s origins are unknown.  See the following photo:

Alleged Bigfoot photo taken in the 1940s in Pacific Northwest

Alleged Bigfoot photo taken in the 1940s in Pacific Northwest

The following photo comes from the Navajo Indian Reservation in 2013:

Bigfoot on Navajo Res 2013

Bigfoot on Navajo Res 2013









What ate the Great White?

Scientists are baffled after a 9 foot long Great White shark they had been tracking was eaten by something even bigger.  They had tagged the healthy great white in order to track its movements as part of some research they were doing.  They were astounded when their tracking device washed up on shore in Australia only four months later.shark1

Data from the device showed that something happened to the Great White.  There was a rapid rise in temperature from 46 degrees to 78 degrees Fahrenheit accompanied by a sudden plunge in depth to almost 2000 feet!  Researchers believe the data from the device proves the Great White was eaten by something much bigger at that moment.  They say the rapid rise in temperature suggests the shark was inside the digestive system of some other creature who has been dubbed the “mystery sea monster.”

The only theory researchers have at the moment is that the Great White could have been eaten by and even larger Great White.  A “colossal cannibal great white shark,” said one of the researchers.  So is there a Super Predator roaming our oceans?  Let us just say that we know more about the Moon and Mars than we know about our own oceans or what is in them.  Therefore, NOTHING in the least would surprise me when it comes to what ate this 9 foot great white.



Dinosaurs, the Flood, and Evolution

pterodactylA new exhibit of a 30-foot-long fossil skeleton of an Allosaurus, which resembles a Tyrannosaurus rex, is set to open at a Kentucky museum that asserts dinosaurs lived alongside humans a few thousand years ago.

A release from Answers in Genesis, the Christian ministry that owns the Creation Museum, said about 50 percent of the skeleton’s bones were recovered when it was found in Colorado over a decade ago. Keeping with its Bible-themed approach, the Creation Museum says the dinosaur died in a worldwide flood about 4,300 years ago. Scientists say the last dinosaurs roamed the earth more than 60 million years ago.

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WTF is this thing? Answer: A very rare deep water fish

lancetFishIt’s called a Lancetfish and it looks like something very prehistoric or something out of some “B” horror movie.  But it’s real and not prehistoric at all.  In fact this rare deep ocean fish can grow to be about 6 feet long.  It has a snake-like body, a very large mouth, and some very sharp teeth.  Further, they are actually wide-spread in all the world’s oceans except those in the polar seas.

This fish, in particular, was found washed up on a beach in North Carolina earlier this week.  Specifically, it was found in Nags Head on a beach south of Jennette’s Pier.  It rarely is seen near shore and spends most of its time in the deep ocean waters.  Little is actually known about these weird-looking fish, unfortunately.

So relax 🙂  If you thought planet Earth was reverting back to the dinosaur age well…well perhaps but not in this case.  BTW would this thing be a major conversation piece if you had one as a pet?  LOL







Flight 370: Without a Trace!

Sonora del Norte Press

Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared without a trace! Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared without a trace!

Malaysian Flight 370 disappeared over a month ago now and in case you haven’t noticed not a trace has been found. It is as if the flight with all its passengers and crew just disappeared off from the face of the planet. Of course there have been many theories put forth as to what happened but, thus far, none of them have panned out. In the most recent development Australian and Chinese ships heard pings under the Pacific that they thought might be coming from the planes black box but, again, nothing panned out and the plane was not found. Now after hearing four strong pings underwater all has gone quiet and that could mean a couple of things. It could mean that the batteries in the black box have died or it could mean that the pings were not from the aircraft…

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NASA Captures Odd Light on Mars!

Mars1NASAs Curiosity Rover has captured an odd bright light on the surface of Mars. Could it be a sign of intelligent life and real Martians or was it a sun reflection or something with the camera? In the photo captured by the rover there is a beam of bright white light behind a Martian dune. The photo was taken this past April 3. The light appears to be shining upward from the Martian ground. Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily was first to identify the light in the photo and he says that it is not glare from the sun nor is it something that appeared on the photo during the photo process. He says to look closely at the bottom of the light and you’ll see clearly that it has a very flat surface and that gives a 100% indication that the light is from the Martian surface.

The light also appeared on another photo taken b the rover this past April 2 just a day earlier only from a different angle. Jet Propulsion Lab scientists at NASA say, however, that the light does not appear in images taken by the rovers other camera on the left side. So what is the light? Well it could be swamp gas. Or it could be headlight reflections. Or it might even be ball lighting or just mass hallucination….borrowing from the many LAME explanations once used by Project Blue Book LMAO. Or it could be glint from a rock reflecting the sun as Dr Justin Maki says it is. Whatever the case this is not the first time something odd has been captured in photos of the Red Planet. NASA has captured pics of rat shaped rocks, a rock that looks like an iguana and another that looks like a jelly donut. And they’ve also captured a rock that just appeared out of nowhere a few months ago. So who knows?

Of course, NASA isn’t about to tell us if life exists on Mars or not other than maybe bacterial life. If they did then that would mean Martians are real and, as we all know, the entire human population would go into a mass panic thinking “War of the Worlds” is fact and not fiction. And, btw, did you know Mars is NOT red? For some odd reason NASA colors the photos with a reddish tint before releasing them for public consumption. Fact is it is similar to the earth desert regions complete with a blueish sky and reddish-brown soil. Now why would NASA want to paint Mars red and hide the truth? Of course, why won’t NASA just admit that there are human looking artifacts on Mars such as a sphinx face and pyramids? Fact is MOST of the history we’ve been fed is a bald faced LIE all the way around! Big question is what are they hiding and what are they so afraid of? Trust me, I have my clues and, yes, what they are hiding and what they don’t want us to know is REALLY BIG. But for now my lips are mummmmmmmm………………..

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The Black Knight and Nazi UFOs

Black Knight4It’s called the “Black Knight.” What is it? Well it’s alleged to be a satellite in orbit above the North Pole region in the Arctic. Ufologists and some authors have asserted that the thing is 13,000 years old and that it is of extraterrestrial origin. Back in 1899 inventor Nikola Tesla picked up repeating radio signals which he believed were coming from outer space. The Black Knight Satellite explanation originated in 1954 when several newspapers ran stories attributed to a UFO researcher by the name of Donald Keyhoe. In those media reports it was claimed that the USAF had reported that there were two satellites orbiting the Earth of unknown origin. At that time there were no known man-made satellites in orbit around the Earth. This story was published in the San Francisco Examiner and the St Louis Post Dispatch among others.

Donald Keyhoe was an American US Marines naval aviator. He wrote several article pertaining to aviation. In the 1950s he became well known as a UFO investigator and pushed for the US government to start conducting research into the UFO phenomena. Subsequently, Keyhoe became the leading researcher into UFOs. He wrote several articles for the Saturday Evening Post and Reader’s Digest. He began to follow the UFO subject after Kenneth Arnold reported several fast moving aerial objects in the summer of 1947. Arnold’s report of seeing a fleet of UFOs sparked the world’s interest in the subject just two years after the end of WW2. Initially, Keyhoe was skeptical about Arnold’s report. Keyhoe began investigating UFOs and became convinced that they were real. Due to their high technology he concluded that they must be from alien worlds and that the US government was trying to cover up the subject. Continue reading