Black Knight4It’s called the “Black Knight.” What is it? Well it’s alleged to be a satellite in orbit above the North Pole region in the Arctic. Ufologists and some authors have asserted that the thing is 13,000 years old and that it is of extraterrestrial origin. Back in 1899 inventor Nikola Tesla picked up repeating radio signals which he believed were coming from outer space. The Black Knight Satellite explanation originated in 1954 when several newspapers ran stories attributed to a UFO researcher by the name of Donald Keyhoe. In those media reports it was claimed that the USAF had reported that there were two satellites orbiting the Earth of unknown origin. At that time there were no known man-made satellites in orbit around the Earth. This story was published in the San Francisco Examiner and the St Louis Post Dispatch among others.

Donald Keyhoe was an American US Marines naval aviator. He wrote several article pertaining to aviation. In the 1950s he became well known as a UFO investigator and pushed for the US government to start conducting research into the UFO phenomena. Subsequently, Keyhoe became the leading researcher into UFOs. He wrote several articles for the Saturday Evening Post and Reader’s Digest. He began to follow the UFO subject after Kenneth Arnold reported several fast moving aerial objects in the summer of 1947. Arnold’s report of seeing a fleet of UFOs sparked the world’s interest in the subject just two years after the end of WW2. Initially, Keyhoe was skeptical about Arnold’s report. Keyhoe began investigating UFOs and became convinced that they were real. Due to their high technology he concluded that they must be from alien worlds and that the US government was trying to cover up the subject.

In February of 1960 more reports emerged this time from the US Navy claiming that a black object had been detected in a tumbling orbit inclined at 79 degrees from the equator and with an orbital period of 104.5 minutes. According to reports the Navy at the time was tracking a fragment of casing from the Discoverer VII satellite launch which had been put into a similar orbit.

Black Knight5

In 1998 during space shuttle mission STS-88 an object was photographed by the shuttle mission which was widely claimed to be an “alien artifact.” Some said that it was an ancient Mayan spacecraft that had been written about by the famous author Erich von Daniken who wrote “Chariots of the Gods.”

It was the USSR that put the first satellite into orbit back in 1957 and it was named Sputnik. Today there are about 3000 satellites in orbit around the earth. They are used for communications, navigation, and exploration. They are often visible with the naked eye when passing overhead as sunlight hits them. Today the largest satellite in orbit is the International Space Station which is about 100 meters (about 328 feet).

Returning to the Dark Knight, it is alleged that not only is it in a Polar Orbit but that it beams signals towards the Earth and that those signals were picked up by Tesla back in 1899. It’s also been alleged that NASA astronauts have investigated the mysterious object. Tesla claimed the signals he received were regular and consistent and he announced at one point that they might be coming from Mars. Today some claim that what he actually heard were transmissions from an ancient satellite in orbit above the Arctic deemed the Black Knight. What is more likely is that Tesla was hearing noise from natural objects such as pulsars or neutron stars which do in fact emit a rhythmic signal. Prior to the discovery of pulsars and neutron stars in 1967 the signals were known as the “Little Green Men signals.”

Declassified information released might suggest that the Dark Knight is actually the Corona spy satellite under disguise at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis. That may or may not be the case. Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper claimed that he saw green lights belonging to the Dark Knight during his Mercury rocket flight and he alleged that ground radar also picked up something inexplicable at the time. But then later Cooper claimed he didn’t see anything!

In 1988 the crew of the space shuttle Endeavor STS-88 photographed an unusual object orbiting low around the earth but some analysts claim that it was nothing more than a piece of space junk most likely a thermal blanket that had become dislodged during a mission. This mission was to put the modules of the space station together and there were a few problems doing that. During that time several pieces of various items were lost in space as they floated away including a thermal blanket covering that was black in color. Yet, in some of the photos taken of the Black Knight it does appear that some sort of thrusters are fired periodically perhaps to keep it in orbit. Thermal blanket coverings don’t have thrusters and there’s no need to keep such space junk in orbit either.

So just what is this alleged black thing floating in a low orbit above the North Pole in the Arctic? Or is it nothing at all?

The alleged object known as the Black Knight was first located in 1960 according to most reports. It is claimed that it was not put into orbit either by the Americans or Soviets. Some people think it is an ancient alien satellite dating 13,000 years old. Some suspect that it is actually an alien craft that watches the earth and we humans. Back in 1960 the North American System Listening Station picked up radar images of the object and it was surmised that it was a satellite of some sort. At that time R. Johnson was the Director of the Adler Planetarium and he said tha the object didn’t maintain a regular orbit schedule like many man made satellites do. He said it appears some nights and not on others. The object was determined to be in a polar orbit. On September 3, 1960 the object was photographed seven months after it was picked up on radar. The photo was taken from a facility on Long Island. Then in 1963 it was seen by an astronaut. Then in December of 1998 the object was photographed by the crew of STS-88 on the space shuttle Endeavor. The object is still believed to be in orbit even today and NASAs explanations for what the object might be have changed several times.

Back in 1960 there was no space station or space shuttle so that kind of axes the theory that the object is space junk from putting the space station together specifically a thermal blanket covering. At the time it was first spotted neither the US or USSR had the capacity to put anything into a polar orbit so that excludes it from being a satellite of one of those two countries. Keep in mind that WW2 ended in 1945 and just two years after is when Kenneth Arnold spotted several wing shaped objects flying in the sky in Washington state that he termed “flying saucers.” That began the modern UFO era and hype. Arnold saw the objects flying over Mt Rainer in Washington on June 24, 1947 as he was flying his airplane. He said there were 9 objects shaped “flat like pie pans” or “pie plates.” But he later described them as looking like “half moon” shapes being oval in front and convex in the rear. He said as they flew they were like a “fish flipping in the sun” and a saucer skipped across water. Later he would say that one of the objects resembled a crescent or “flying wing.” At the time the USAF said Arnold had seen a “mirage.” UFO researchers have argued that at the time there was no plausible explanation for what Arnold saw. BUT, in fact, there was and is!

The Nazis had an aircraft that looked very much like what Arnold saw. It was called the Horton 229 and it was Hitler’s Nazi stealth fighter jet. One of the Nazi superweapons that were being developed during final days of WW2 that proved to be too little, too late for the 3rd Reich. The Nazis had some highly advanced technology and they were working on more at the end of the war. After the war THOUSANDS of former Nazi SS personnel and scientists were brought into the US via Project Paperclip. Wernher von Braun who headed NASA was one of them. These Nazis were given immunity from prosecution for war crimes and never appeared before the Nuremberg War Trial commission. They were brought into the US where they entered all sorts of jobs including science, banking, industry, and the US government. Many of them who went into science were put in New Mexico and Nevada at government weapons development facilities. Most likely I surmise they kept working on the Horton 229 and perfected it and that is what Kenneth Arnold saw flying over Mt Rainer in 1947 only two years after the end of the war.


Keep in mind that the Nazis had developed the first cluster bomb, the first jet fighter, the first stealth fighter, the first cruise missile, and that they’d even put a rocket into space. Also keep in mind that they had developed the first UFO and they had an entire UFO program under the oversight of General Hans Kammler who disappeared off the face of the earth after the war. Most like Kammler ended up under an assumed name in the US as he had said that he was going to take all of his research and give it to the Americans in exchange for immunity. Even though his name was repeatedly mentioned at the Nuremberg War Trials he was never found and never appeared before them.



So here’s my theory. I believe that the Black Knight is a satellite put up into a polar orbit by Nazi scientists during WW2 most likely at the end or near the end of the war. I think it is a communications satellite most likely used for their U-boats. That would explain it being in orbit before the US and Soviets had anything up in space orbiting the earth. And that would give the Nazis yet another credit, that of being the first to put a satellite into space. I think that is what this object is and this along with all of their other superweapons is why the Allies made a mad dash at the end of the war to develop the Atomic bomb which the Nazis were ALSO working on and almost had perfected. In fact, had the war lasted just about 2 more weeks the Nazis would have had the Atomic Bomb and the outcome of WW2 would have been very different. We’d all be speaking German now and wearing Swastikas! Further, the Horton 229 was most likely the blueprint for the first US stealth fighter and bomber as was there highway system an EXACT blueprint for our modern Interstates. As for Nazi UFOs they used flying discs mounted with guns of various kinds and one model was even mounted with an early laser weapon. All of this technology was stolen away by the Americans and Allies at the end of the war and even though the Soviets were part of the Allies, America ended up with most of the Nazi technology and scientists.

I’ll be looking further into the Black Knight and Nazi technology so stay tuned.